Right now you are holding a Stella Star-- a star from a little girl whom you loved dearly, or whom you never met. These silver stars were handed out at the funeral of a 3-and-a-half year old girl named Stella who died on October 22, 2012. Her parents wanted everyone who loved their girl to take the stars away and place them somewhere in the world in honour of Stella. If you received a Stella Star from her family and have left it somewhere, please mark the location on the map below.

If you have found one of Stella's stars somewhere out in the world, please find it on the map and let us know. Then keep the star until you find a special place to leave it. When you do, come back to this site and mark the location on the map to tell her family where it is so that they know that their daughter's memory is continuing to be honoured.

Stella didn't get to live a long life, but we hope that her stars can make it to places that she never could. Thank you for helping us to keep Stella's stars going.